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Roadhouse Blaze Runner

November 24, 1990--September 6, 1999

Beautiful Blaze.  She came home with us at the start of 1991 and she and Chris became best friends.  We never did get her into the show ring...the turmoil caused by my illness and subsequent loss of income prevented it.  Nonetheless, it is both our opinions (and Joan's as well) that Blaze was the best Whippet ever to come out of Roadhouse, and we remain honored because Blaze made  our lives more beautiful by her mere presence.  She lives on in her  puppies: Fanny,  Eclipse and Winter.  We know that she is with Rogue.  From time to time, our boys stop stock still near the place where Rogue and Blaze most loved to curl up together.  Their attention is caught, their tails are wagging...we know that Rogue and Blaze have stopped in for a visit.  We miss them both more than words can say.

There always was something special about her.

On a warm early fall day in 1999, Blaze was playing with her son in our dog yard.  They loved to race and chase and ambush.  Full of life and energy,  Blaze gave everything her all.  This day, there was a nasty collision with her son, and Blaze sustained serious internal injuries.  After a few days of bravely fighting, it was obvious she was save her further pain we said was so difficult.

This is our last photo of Blaze.

But she left us these to remember her by.

You may see a
Portrait of Blaze on the Roadhouse Site