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Ch. Roadhouse Bluevelvet Rogue

October 4, 1986--December 7, 1996

Chris and I debated what kind of dog we would like to have join our family.  Joan had long ago decided to concentrate on the Whippets and Salukis. The last of the Jayvana Cockers had passed on.  She kept telling me just how well a Whippet would fit into our lives, and Chris was open to it.  I wasn't.  They simply were not "real dogs" to me.  Chris and Joan ganged up on me...and when Elli Whippet (Ch. Playboy's Porcelain) was pregnant with her last litter by Joan's beautiful Tulsa (Ch. Wheeling Domino Theory) the pressure to get one of these puppies was more than I could bear.  I grudgingly relented.  So, a little 8 week old wild thing came home...and I fell in love instantly. Rogue became my best friend.  He was my quiet companion on those nights I paced the floor suffering incredible pain from my illness.  When I came home from the hospital after having kidney surgery, I was concerned that he would jump up on me in joy, and it could not be allowed.  He came charging down the hall as I came in the door, and a few feet away, slid to a stop.  He came up to me carefully, exuding happiness in every movement, but he did not jump up.  He knew that he must be careful. He was the smartest dog I have known.

Rogue had a wonderful sense of humor.

Rogue suffered
little fools kindly.

He was loving and gentle with his whole family.
With Don & Chris'
daughter Sandi below.