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A wonderful friend, Rogue was more.
He was an amazing little show dog.

  "Standing still, he looked like a fairly decent Whippet, if slightly long legged and, by today's show standards, a bit under angulated.
  Where Rogue excelled was when he moved.  Clean, coming and going, he floated over the world on the go-around.  Joan never had to put a hand on him when set up.  This dog loved the ring, and demanded that he be considered for the Breed. 
  A number of top Sighthound breeder/judges found him irresistible. 
  Though I was often too ill to watch him at the shows, Chris and Joan would regale me with the details, and I would happily receive the shower of ribbons.  Mostly, I was just glad my "bud" was home."

  "But, most of all, when I felt like life was not worth living, Rogue was there, to remind me that it is.  I still miss him after all this time."     

(l-r) Rogue, Don and Blaze.